Vice-Chairman Desk

Aadya Shri Nijaligeshwar Shikshan Sansthe’s, ASNSS S. B. SHIRKOLI HOMEOPATHIC MEDICAL COLLEGE SANKESHWAR strives to encourage, educate and enable a person with special emphasis on to cater the process of professional education as a liberating force to achieve the set of knowledge, skills, values and behaviour in the class room, school and society.

I am confident that ASNSS ASNSS S. B. SHIRKOLI HOMEOPATHIC MEDICAL COLLEGE SANKESHWAR, is on the verge of becoming a premier institution, amply fulfilling the educational aspirations of the enlightened parents who bring their student to our portals.

We have committed to reach all out efforts to everyone and turning human liability in to human asset.

Shri. KunalRajivgouda S. Patil
Vice Chairman